When I taught at Chapel HillHigh School, I had the great pleasure of working for many years with Mary Gratch.  Mary was the guidance counselor everyone (including me) wanted his/her child to have.  Her wide-ranging knowledge of resources, her empathy, her positive energy, and her ability to see each student as an individual who possesses unique strengths are just a few of the qualities that made her so successful and beloved.  

After her retirement from 20+ years as a high school counselor from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, Mary started her own business, Mary Gratch Consulting.  Some of her services includes helping students create an individual academic game plan in high school, become their own advocates, and develop strategies for leadership and service opportunities that will improve the quality of their high school experience and impress future colleges. She also works with college graduates who want help in charting their “What next?” path.

Mary and I can work together with your child or separately.   I urge you to explore Mary’s web site  http://www.marygratchconsulting.com to see what she can do for your family.